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Costa Group’s doubles profit, forecast $1 billion in full year sales

The cpmpany has been able to shrug off falling prices for tomatoes amid a bumper crop. From left: Costa Group’s chairman Neil Chatfield, chief executive Harry Debney and Geelong fruit and vegetable businessman Frank Costa. Photo: Josh Robenstone
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 Australia’s biggest horticulture company, Costa Group has doubled its net profit, defying hail storms and a glut of field tomatoes.

Statutory net profit for the company, which listed on the ASX mid last year, soared 110 per cent to $600,000 in the six months to December 27.

Revenue, meanwhile leapt 12.7 per cent to $403.8 million.

Chief executive Harry Debney attributed the result to the company’s product portfolio mix and structure, which gives the company the “capacity to absorb individual volatility in production and markets”.

He said Costa’s protected cropping system – or growing produce undercover – shielded the company from “damaging hailstorms” at its berry farm at Corindi last year. The group was also able to shrug off price deflation for tomatoes after a bumper crop flooded the market.

Mr Debney said the company, for the first time, was on track to deliver more than $1 billion in full year sales this financial year, forecasting a stronger second half.

“Due to seasonality, growth project timing and international operations, performance will be more heavily weighted to the second half,” Mr Debney said.

The company also unveiled a plan to deepen its exposure to berries, spending $80 million on capital projects in the category over four years from 2017.

Costa will pay an interim dividend of 3 cents a share, fully franked, on April 27.

More to come…

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Former wine and print entrepreneur fights bankruptcy

Sold: David James’s former business James Estate Wines at Pokolbin before the collapse of his print and wine companies in 2013. This week he is fighting bankruptcy action over $14 million owed to the ANZ Bank. HUNTER wineand print entrepreneur David James is in the Federal Court fighting bankruptcy action by creditors including the ANZ Bank after losing an attempt to delaythe bank from pursuing him for nearly $14 million.
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On Tuesday NSW Supreme Court Justice Michael Ball rejected Mr James’s attempt for a stay on a May 2014 consent judgment against him after the collapse of his companies in 2013, leading to the sale of assets including James Estate Wines at Pokolbin.

Justice Ball rejected Mr James’s argument the delay was necessary, based on aFederal Court application on Friday in which he will allege some of his companies suffered combined economic loss of more than $50 million after action by receivers. He will allege assets were undervalued and receivers took possession of property in a manner that meant they could no longer trade, Justice Ball noted.

In hisdecision on Tuesday JusticeBall said it was “plain” Mr James’s attempt to take action against receivers would require the leave of the court.

“It is equally plain that any amount recovered as a result of the claim will be for the benefit of the relevant companies and not Mr James personally,” Justice Ball said.

He noted Mr James’s submission that he had delayed legal action against receivers until recently because of anxiety and depression requiring a hospital stay for a number of weeks, but rejected that his illness meant he had been unable to settle the $14 million debt to the ANZ.

“It is plain from the guarantees that Mr James gave and the consent orders that he agreed to that he accepts that he owes ANZ the money it claims and that he agreed that he would not seek to deduct from that amount amounts he claimed were owing to him,” Justice Ball said.

Any action against receivers over the alleged handling of assets from Mr James’s former TLT Group could be more appropriately pursued by the group’s liquidators, the judge found.

Justice Ball noted there had been various attempts to bankrupt Mr James, including by the Commonwealth Bank and a previous attempt bythe ANZ Bank. The ANZ Bank’s filing of a creditors’ petition to bankrupt Mr James is being heard in the Federal Court on Thursday.

Mr James was ordered to pay the ANZ Bank’s costs.

Mr James’s James Estate Wines on 43.6 hectares at Pokolbin sold in December 2014.

In 2012 Mr James lost a Supreme Court case after the Australian Tax Office pursued him for almost$4.3 million in tax, interest and penalties.

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Turning a house into a safe and happy home

Tomika RileyFriends With Dignity volunteer Dignified: Tomika Riley volunteers for the Newcastle branch of Friends With Dignity to help people escaping domestic violence set up new homes. Picture: Marina Neil.
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TOMIKA Riley believes everyonehas a right to feel safe and loved in their own home.

But sadlyfor too many families, this isnot areality.

Ms Rileyhas become so passionate about supporting victims of domestic violencethat she has become a volunteer for the Newcastle branch ofFriends With Dignity–anot-for-profitorganisation that provides practical help to people escaping abusive situations toset up new homes and new lives.

The organisation doesthis by offeringnon-perishable foods, toiletries, clothing, furniture and toys to help them make a house a home.

“There are many ways in which Friends With Dignity help, but the main way is by setting up ‘sanctuaries’for families,” Ms Riley said.

“When a family is leaving refuge and is able to secure housing, often they are unable to then source all of the household items most of us take for granted, and that’s where Friends With Dignity step in.”

The organisation receivesa referral from therefuge or domestic violenceservice working with the family, and puts togethera wish list specific to the family’s needs.

“Wepost this on our Facebook page and wait for the offers of donation to come in,” Ms Riley said.

“We then have a coordinated team that collect these donations, deliver them to the house and turn the empty house into a home, a ‘sanctuary’.

“Friends With Dignityliterally turns an empty shell into a home the family can walk straight into and begin living the minute they receive the keys back.

“And it’s all done in sevendays.”

Everything to fill the home is donated.This includes furniture, bedding, linen, kitchenware, electrical goods, white-goods and toys, collected on a needsbasis.

Occasionally, they will also put out a call for donations of school supplies, such as books, bags, and drink bottles.

Ms Riley hasseveralfriends who had been affected by domestic violence.

“Itisa huge problem at the moment in Australia andour society,” she said.

“I wasn’t able to do much to help those friends I watched go through that, so I want to do whatever I can to help others going through it now.”

Those wanting to help can “Like”the Friends With Dignity Facebook page andlook out for the calls for donations, or become a volunteer.

“All of our volunteers work, study and have families,so we all vary greatly in the time and capacity we are able to commit but every little contribution makes a big difference.”

Visitfriendswithdignity南京夜网419论坛 to find out more.

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Sweltering conditions in Sydney to linger well past sunset

Getting in early: young surfers head an early dip at Cronulla Beach on Thursday morning. Photo: John VeageRecord run of warmth and a scorcher to come
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Sydney will likely come close to notching its hottest day this late in the summer for 12 years – and there won’t be much early relief.

Thursday’s temperature was forecast to reach 38 degrees in the city and 41 degrees in Parramatta and suburbs to the west before the Bureau of Meteorology later trimmed its prediction for the CBD maximum to 35 degrees.

The bureau also noted that an air quality forecast alert for poor conditions for the Sydney region has been issued by the Office of Environment and Heritage for Thursday as ozone levels are expected to exceed national air quality standards.

The lower temperature reading for the CBD hinged on the timing of the sea breezes, Brett Dutschke, a senior meteorologist at Weatherzone, said.

“It’s not a straightforward day,” he said, adding that Bankstown, Homebush and Parramatta should all notch maximums in the 40s regardless of the fickle coastal winds.

Penrith’s top so far has been 41.1 degrees, while Sydney’s Olympic Park reached 40.4 degrees and the city 32.8 degrees.

Thursday is also proving to muggy, particularly for the eastern suburbs where unusually warm sea temperatures – 25 degrees, according to Beachwatch – will lift humidity levels.

“It’s as warm as it gets,” Mr Dutschke said, adding that he can’t recall many times when off-shore water temperatures have been so warm.

US data indicate parts of the NSW coast are more than 3 degrees above normal:

Late change

The heat is likely to linger across the Sydney basin all through the afternoon.

“It’s still going to be hot until late into the evening,” Mr Dutschke said.

“It’s not the sort of evening to be opening the windows for,” he added.

People might instead set an alarm for early on Friday morning, when a change – or at least a shift in wind direction – is expected to move in.

Although Friday is likely to have the odd shower, “you wouldn’t call it cool,” Mr Dutschke said.

The bureau is forecasting a maximum of 29 for the city, and a degree or so warmer in the west on Friday.

Saturday will bring slightly cooler conditions and a greater chance of showers with a drop of 27 degrees. This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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Director Alex Proyas believes he cast the right actors for Gods of Egypt

Gerard Butler in Gods of Egypt. Controversy blew up over the casting of the movie when the poster and trailer for the movie were released last year. Courtney Eaton in Gods of Egypt.
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Nikolaji Coster-Waldau as the god Horus.

Brenton Thwaites played a human thief in Gods of Egypt.


He may have apologised for the lack of diversity in the cast of the action-fantasy movie Gods of Egypt butAustralian director Alex Proyas remains convinced he chose the right actors.

On the eve of the Australian-shot movie opening wide in the US and this country, the filmmaker behind The Crow,Dark City, I, Robot and Knowing has a pragmatic view of the controversy that blew up when the poster and trailer for the movie were released late last year, drawing flak on social media for the predominantly white cast playing ancient Egyptian mortals and gods.

“It’s a fact of life,” Proyas says. “It’s the world we live in right now. The movie is not the best platform for this debate so I’ll leave to others to discuss inclusiveness in Hollywood movies.

“I keep coming back to the fact the movie is a fantasy, it’s an adventure, it’s not based on any historical ideas.

“I tried to cast the movie as inclusively as possible in terms of all races really – white, black and Asian – so to me it seems to be an appropriate way to cast a movie like this.”

Gods of Egypt centres on a young human thief (Brenton Thwaites from Home and Away and Maleficent), who enlists the help of the god Horus (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from Game of Thrones) to bring his beloved (Courtney Eaton from Mad Max: Fury Road) back from the dead and battle the god Set (300’s Gerard Butler) who has taken over the Egyptian empire.

As well as a Dane and a Scot in starring roles, the $US140 million movie also features American Chadwick Boseman, France’s Elodie Yung, England’s Rufus Sewell and Australians Geoffrey Rush, Abby Lee, Bryan Brown and Emma Booth.

The outcry in November followed similar social media storms over Cameron Crowe’s Aloha, which had Emma Stone as an Asian-American character, and Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings, which had Christian Bale and Joel Edgerton as Moses and Ramses. It came just before the nomination of 20 white actors for the Academy Awards for the second consecutive year re-ignited the #oscarssowhite campaign.

Quickly scotching the criticism, Proyas issued an apology, saying: “The process of casting a movie has many complicated variables but it is clear that our casting choices should have been more diverse. I sincerely apologise to those who are offended by the decisions we made.”

The studio behind the movie, Lionsgate, also apologised, saying: “We recognise that it is our responsibility to help ensure that casting decisions reflect the diversity and culture of the time periods portrayed. In this instance we failed to live up to our own standards of sensitivity and diversity.”

In a detailed post on Facebook last month, Proyas said the factors behind the casting included the studio requiring “names” to finance a movie of the scale of Gods of Egypt, restrictions on importing actors and the limited pool of English-speaking Egyptian actors.

“I cast the best actors for the roles,” he wrote. “I stand by these decisions.

“The casting is an attempt to include ALL people – partly suggestive of the Egypt I know based on my own cultural heritage but clearly and most importantly a work of the ‘imagination’ … to exclude any one race in service of a hypothetical theory of historical accuracy, particularly in a film that is not attempting to be ‘history’, rather a fantasy film, would have been biased.”

Proyas’ heritage drew him to the movie, which is written by Americans Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (Dracula Untold, The Last Witch Hunter).

“I’ve been a long time fan of Egyptian mythology,” he says now. “I’ve always wanted to make a movie about the gods of Egypt from when I was a kid.

“I was born in Egypt and my granddad would tell me these stories from a very young age. He was quite a good visual artist and he used to do drawings of Horus. Being a visual guy from the beginning, I was drawn to this wonderful image of this human form with a bird’s head.

“I remember him telling me the myth of Set and Horus [their battles to see who would succeed Osiris as ruler] which is what this story is essentially about.”

It took five months of shooting in Sydney and another year working on the visual effects to finish Proyas’ biggest movie to date.

“It’s an epic in every conceivable way,” he says. “It’s inspired for me very much by movies I saw as a kid – films like The Man Who Would Be King and Lawrence of Arabia.

“A lot of these movies that were incredible action-adventure stories set in exotic lands. This is very much a fantasy, much more so than those films were.”

Raiders of the Lost Ark was an influence on the tone of a “fun rollercoaster ride” that draws heavily on computer-generated technology to create environments and characters.

Proyas describes the movie as “a buddy story” that brought technical challenges because Thwaites’ thief, Bek, is normal human height while Horus is nine feet (2.74 metres) tall.

“They’re constantly interacting, often in a humorous way, in action sequences,” he says. “So they’re grabbing each other and pushing each other and jumping on each other’s backs and running like crazy and that’s a real technical feat to achieve.”

The movie was shot at Fox Studios, with a set built in Centennial Park for a scene featuring Horus and Bek being chased by two 30-metre-long fire-breathing snakes.

“It felt like I made the movie once as a live-action movie then I made it over again just to create this incredible epic landscape of this fantasy world,” Proyas says.

Gods of Egypt is in cinemas now.

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Facebook the biggest new advertiser on British television

Facebook, the technology giant disrupting the traditional media world, is the biggest new spender on television advertising in the United Kingdom.
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As a wave of disruption hits publishers and television broadcasters alike, Facebook contributed  £10.8 million ($20.9 million) in ad revenue – the most of the 877 new advertisers or those returning to TV after not spending for at least five years.

The social media network launched a number of TV advertisements in the UK in 2015, including this spot called Friend Request.

Along with fellow disruptors Google and Netflix, Facebook helped lift the total UK advertising market above £5 billion for the first time. According to Nielsen data provided to Thinkbox, the marketing body for commercial TV in the UK, Google, Facebook and Netflix spend more than 60 per cent of their marketing budgets on TV advertising.

Total UK television advertising revenue hit £5.27 billion, up 7.4 per cent, in 2015 – the sixth consecutive year of growth, according to Thinkbox. The spend was driven by a 14 per cent increase in ad revenue from online businesses in television to more than £500 million, which is now the second-largest spending category on TV. The £5 billion figure includes linear TV ads, sponsorships, broadcaster video on-demand and product placement.

“Advertisers of all sizes, from global technology companies to local businesses, know this and have voted with their investment,” Thinkbox chief executive Lindsey Clay said.

“Online businesses in particular recognise the impact TV advertising has and have significantly increased their investment recently. This is something we expect to continue in 2016.”

MCN chief sales and marketing officer Mark Frain said the UK television market was benefiting for a number of reasons.

“One of the fundamental reasons, which continues to underpin their growth, is they all work on a similar trading platform to what MCN has incorporated in Landmark and that’s across subscription TV and free-to-air broadcasters in that market. They’re all aligned from a systems perspective,” Mr Frain told Fairfax Media.

“Secondly, within that market, they’ve also got a trading hub that sits in the middle of the industry. In terms of automation and alignment, everything is coming through in similar formats, delivery is automated at a network end. The UK market has been like that for probably over 10 years.”

Mr Frain said the figures from the UK showed television remained an effective medium for advertisers.

“There’s been plenty of alleged discussion about Facebook and YouTube’s ambition to become part of television. I think, by all in large now, if you look at the ways the agencies are trading, they are becoming part of television,” he said.

“But, I think it’s fascinating that they are investing heavily into linear television to drive their businesses.”

Television in Australia is expected to have another lean year in 2016, but the industry’s investment in digital platforms, such as Plus7, 9Now and tenplay are leading advertisers to forecast up to double-digit growth in ad revenue in 2018, according to Starcom Mediavest’s media futures.

“The announcements and the launches that have happened this year, the announcements last year in terms of Seven and Nine’s move into more automation or greater data capabilities through the digital platforms they’re building – there is no doubt that will pay off for the TV sector moving forward,” Mr Frain.

GroupM chief investment officer Sebastian Rennie said while it was hard to draw comparisons with the UK market, the local television industry was looking to put the right infrastructure in place, such as digital streaming platforms, and hoping the ad revenue would follow.

“I don’t think there’s any questions overall about TV being a powerful medium, it’s just going through some structural shifts at moment,” Mr Rennie said.

“Most of the networks in their upfronts [an event where broadcasters showcased their shows and strategy for the coming year to media buyers and advertisers] talked about investing in their digital platforms as a way of future proofing them.”

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Macquarie Atlas seeking acquisitions after tollroad group delivers $85m annual net profit

Tollroad group Macquarie Atlas Roads delivered a full year net profit of $85 million and said it was considering acquisitions after toll revenues rose on its European motorway investment, the Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhône.
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Macquarie Atlas, which has tollroad investments in the US, UK, and Germany as well as France, swung into the black after reporting a $50.6 million loss a year earlier.

Macquarie Atlas shares, which are up 30 per cent over the past 12 months, rose 9¢ to close at a new all time highs of $4.36.

Proportionate earnings before interest tax depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA), which reflect income from toll roads assets and exclude management fees, rose 4.4 per cent to $523.7 million in the 12 months to December.

Traffic along the Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhône (APRR), in which Macquarie Atlas owns a 20.1 per cent stake, rose 2.7 per cent in 2015 while toll revenues were up 3 per cent due to a stronger French economy, the company said.

Traffic on the Dulles Greenway tollroad near Washington DC was up 5.4 per cent in 2015, while toll revenues rose 7.9 per cent. Macquarie Atlas owns a 50 per cent stake in the Dulles Greenway, a 22-kilometre toll road that connects Washington Dulles International Airport with Leesburg, Virginia, in a joint venture with Macquarie Infrastructure.

Macquarie Atlas’ chief executive officer, Peter Trent, said the company would benefit from further improvements in the US and French economies and was considering potential acquisitions. Strong financial case

“We remain open to consider accretive opportunities where there is a strong strategic and financial case, both from within, or complementary to, our existing portfolio,” he said.

Macquarie Atlas expects to make US$95 million ($140 million) from the sale of its 22.5 per cent stake in the Chicago Skyway tollroad when the sale closes at the end of February.

Analysts have speculated that the tollroad group could use the proceeds to increase its 50 per cent stake in the Dulles Greenway.

But Mr Trent told analysts on Thursday that Macquarie Atlas was prepared to sell its stake if the joint venture – which has been trying to increase tolls on the Dulles Greenway – received expressions of interest from potential buyers.

“Everything at the right price has a ‘for sale’ shingle,” Mr Trent said.

Macquarie Atlas will consider buying more of the APRR if other shareholders sell down their stakes, which is possible in 2017 or 2018, Mr Trent added.

Macquarie Atlas has told investors to expect a full year dividend of 18¢ per security in 2016, and a first half dividend of 9¢ per security. It paid a full year dividend of 16¢ per security in 2015.

Macquarie Atlas was spun out of the Macquarie Infrastructure Group in 2010 but is still managed by Macquarie and paid the financial group a $58.2 million performance fee in the 12 months to June 2014.

The tollroad group did not pay a performance fee in the 12 months to June 2015.

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Formula one testing 2016: Qualified support from drivers for new rules

Barcelona: Formula one drivers woke to news on Wednesday morning that their sports governing body was again set to alter the way they qualified for Grands Prix, introducing a knock out format where drivers were required to stay on track until eliminated.
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Australian Daniel Ricciardo, out of his Red Bull after two days testing at the Circuit de Catalunya, told Fairfax Media that he felt there was nothing to fear from the new rules. But like most drivers he was still unsure just what effect it would have on his style of racing.

“I’ve just sort of been talking about them now with the team, he said. “It’s one of those things same for everyone, I don’t think it’s quite refined yet as to how it’s going to work, but looking at it, yeah I don’t think it will be a hinderance. I mean if it means that we get to do a few more laps in qually then yeah (that’s good).”

Ricciardo has traditionally been a strong qualifier and while it will remain a one-hour session split into three segments there would be set time limits on when the slowest drivers would be culled from the field – potentially giving spectators more on-track action throughout the duration of the session.

For his part Williams driver Filipe Massa said he needed more detail.

“I don’t know if I like or not, so I think I need to have a little bit of time to sit down to understand the change,” the Brazilian said.  “The only thing I understand is that they want to have some cars around and this will happen for sure. I’m sure it will happen that some cars that maybe qualified more at the front, they will have some problems and they need to start at the back.

“So this is something that can be interesting for you, I don’t know, but if it is better or not I don’t know yet.

World champion Lewis Hamilton was also lukewarm. “I don’t really feel like it’s going to change much to be honest. I hope it’s a surprise for us all,” he said. “Generally the format is the same … it just puts even more focus on making sure you are getting your laps in and I guess keeping people out, making sure people are out all the time so hopefully it’s good for specatators – maybe.”

Andrew Tate is attending Formula One testing courtesy of the AGPC

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Firefighter under house arrest

Accused firefighter Sidney Keogh. Photo: FACEBOOK
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A VOLUNTEER firefighter accused of deliberately starting bushfires in western NSW has been placed under house arrest.

Sidney Frances Keogh was taken into custody after police executed a search warrant at a home in Wellington on Tuesday.

The 45-year-old was refused bail and appeared handcuffed before Magistrate Philip Stewart in Dubbo Local Court on Wednesday.

Not guilty pleas were entered to two charges of intentionally causing fire and being reckless to its spread.

Prosecution facts tendered to the court said 15 deliberately lit bushfires had been reported within a 10-kilometre radius of Wellington between September 2015 and Keough’s arrest.

Keogh had responded to the fires as a serving member of the Mount Arthur Rural Fire Service brigade.

All the fires had been lit on days when the temperature was high and grass was long.

The court was told the fires burned areas of land and had potential to spread and cause significant damage and possible loss of life if they had not been contained.

Prosecution facts said Keogh had been identified as a person of interest when police strikeforce Byway was established to investigate the suspicious fires.

Keogh and his vehicle, a red Mitsubishi Pajero, had been covertly monitored by strikeforce officers.

The court was told investigators feared Keogh’s actions were “risky and escalating” and there was nothing to suggest his behaviour would cease.

Detailed information tendered to the court outlined the circumstances leading to fires on The Falls Road at 6.30pm on Sunday February 20 and the Renshaw McGirr Way at 12pm on December 14 last year.

Prosecution facts said Keogh had made admissions to police about being in both the areas around the time of the fires but he denied lighting the fires.

The prosecution asked Magistrate Stewart to refuse bail to protect the community from further damage and possible loss of life.

A solicitor made a release application and asked that Keogh be allowed to live with his mother and sisters.

The solicitor queried the “value of a curfew given the nature of the offences” and said her client could report to police three times a week.

Magistrate Stewart asked if any person was in a position to offer a cash surety. The solicitor said money could not be raised because Keogh was reliant on Newstart payments and his mother was a pensioner.

The Magistrate allowed bail with strict conditions, including daily reporting to Wellington police station and twice daily curfew enforcement checks.

Keogh was required to remain at his mother’s home and could only leave the premises in the company of an approved relative when reporting to police.

The court required a written character acknowledgement from a member of Keogh’s family.

The charges were adjourned to April 6.

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Divine intervention a necessity for Mrs Kerr

Love for the job: “I’ve been in accountancy all my life, I have a real estate licence, but now I am living my passion,” says Therese Kerr. THERESE Kerr –mum to Miranda, businesswoman, author, speaker and self-described holistic family health ambassador –will be in the Hunter in a few weeks.
Nanjing Night Net

She’s no stranger to the region, given her youngest child, son Matthew, runs Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen in Rothbury.

Then, of course, she once lived in Newcastle.

“My parents ran hotels and we had The Glasgow Arms in Carrington, on the rightwhen you come over the [Cowper Street]bridge,” she says.“We never stayed in one place too long but I went to St Aloysius in Hamilton from Year 7 to Year 10.”

These days, Mrs Kerr and husband John livein Tweed Heads but spend much of their timetravelling the country in the name of The Divine Company.

Mrs Kerr founded the certified organic beauty product business 18 months ago after a discussion with her “Ran” (Miranda).

The younger Kerr didn’t want to stray from premium beauty products in her KORA Organics business, so a family decision was made thatMrs Kerr would retail products including toothpaste, deodorant and hair treatments via The Devine Company.

Miranda Kerr’s disposition to all things organic started with her mother, whose plans to have four children ended in 1995, when severe endometriosis plagued her.

Six years later, feeling “pretty sick” when her spleen was removed after doctors found tumours on it, Mrs Kerr began researching the effect of food and beauty products on the body and was “gobsmacked” to realise how many chemicalswere in everyday products, from toothpaste to perfume.

A convert of Bill Statham’s book The Chemical Mazeand now in contact with leading RMIT and University of Queensland researchers on the issue, Mrs Kerr says the lack of awareness of the toxins in our environment in Australia led to her forming her company and trying to educate the public.

“About 60 per cent of what we put on our skin will go into our bloodstream and up to 100 per cent of products applied under your arms will,” she says.

On March 16 and 23, she will speak at twowellness workshops at the Organic Feast in Maitland, the first focusing on how to reduce chemicals in daily life, the second on baby care.

Certified organic products are costlier but, shesays, last longer because they are super concentrated and regardless better for us.

Her advice to those wanting to start to live cleaner is to use certified organic toothpaste and deodorant and avoid any product with the word “fragrance” listed in the ingredients.

For information on the workshops call 4934 7351.

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